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Universal Constant in Living by F.M. Alexander

Universal Constant in Living by F.M. Alexander


F. Matthias Alexander. Edited by Jean M. O. Fischer.

Hardback. 416 pages. 2000.


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From Mouritz Press:

The Universal Constant in Living was Alexander's fourth and last book.
It contains his most mature and consummate thoughts on the Technique: knowledge accumulated in the course of more than 45 years of practical teaching experience.

This edition consists of the complete text of Alexander's last (1946) edition with additional material from earlier editions and comprehensive notes. Walter Carrington has written a new foreword for this edition. The introductory notes deals with Alexander's principle of wholeness and of prevention, the writing of The Universal Constant as well as notes on changes in the text.              

To the original appendices are added reviews of the first edition of The Universal Constant, and one appendix contains material which was omitted from the first edition.




Foreword by Walter Carrington
Recent Appreciations

A Thanks Offering (First edition)
Appreciation by George E. Coghill
Preface to First Edition (1941)
Preface to New Edition (1946)
Introductory Notes by Jean M. O. Fischer

The Universal Constant in Living

i The Constant Influence of Manner of Use for Good or Ill
ii The Constant Influence of Manner of Use in Relation to Diagnosis and Disease
iii A Review of the Report of the Physical Education Committee of the British Medical Association
Part 1: Fallacies and Limitations in Physical Culture
Part 2: A New Technique for New Soldiers
iv A Technique for Prevention
v The Constant Influence of Manner of Use in Relation to Change
Part 1: The Human Element
Part 2: Procedures Involved in the Technique: First Principles in the Control of Human Reaction
Part 3: The Fundamental Approach
vi Physiology and Physiologists
vii The Theory of 'The Whole Man' and Its Counterpart in Practice
viii An Osteopath's Idea of a New Technique
ix The Test of Principle in New Ways for Old
x A New Pattern and Working to Principle
xi Stupidity in Living
xii Knowing How to Stop
xii In Conclusion


a. Extract from Some Accomplishments of the Chemist by Thomas D. Hall
b. Excerpts from The Function of the Sub-Occipital Muscles by Dr Andrew Murdoch
c. Excerpts from Reorientation of the View Point Upon the Study of .i.anatomy;Anatomy by Dr Mungo Douglas
d. Excerpts from an address by John Hilton
e. Letters regarding tic douloureux
f. Dr Wilfred Barlow on health and disease
g. Excerpts from Bulletins from Britain
h. Conference on Science, Philosophy and Religion in Their Relation to the Democratic Way of Life
i. Text omitted from the 1946 edition
j. Review 'End-Gaining and Means Whereby' by Aldous Huxley
k. Review 'Finding the Whole Person' by Frank Pierce Jones
l. Review 'Power Through Posture' by Walter J. Millard
m. Review ';The Universal Constant in Living' in The Lancet
n. Review 'Conscious Control' Harry Roberts, with correspondence
o. Review 'A Product of Evolution' by Dr Mungo Douglas
p. Review by K. A. Schrecker in Physical Education
Notes (207 notes by Jean M. O. Fischer)