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Voice and the Alexander Technique by Jane Heirich

Voice and the Alexander Technique by Jane Heirich


by Jane Heirich

Illustrated by Jaye Schlesinger

paperback, 9x12, 174 pages, Accompanying CD with book.

ISBN: 978-0-9644352-9-2

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About the Author:

Jane Heirich: A lifelong musician, it was work as a choral conductor that led to study of vocal pedagogy with Marjorie Allen (Los Altos, CA) in 1964. This in turn led to further study of vocal anatomy, physiology, and acoustics eventually focusing on the functioning of the whole mind-body system and its effect on the voice. Ms. Heirich holds STAT (UK) and AmSAT (US) certification in the Alexander Technique, having completed her training with Joan and Alex Murray (Urbana, IL) in 1987. From 1972 through 2003 she taught at the Residential College of the University of Michigan, where she started a chamber music course; an integrated music composition and theory class; and a basic voice technique class that included the Alexander work as its foundation. Her particular interest is the integration of two pedagogical traditions: the centuries-old Italian bel canto vocal teaching tradition with more than 100 years of Alexander Technique teaching. This professional focus has taken her literally to the other side of the globe to Wynyard, Tasmania where F.M. Alexander was born and to many points in between, presenting papers, master classes, and workshops. She continues to maintain a private studio, teaching voice and/or Alexander lessons to students who range from the supposedly tone deaf to professional musicians and actors. When not in the teaching studio, she enjoys reading 19th century novels, taking walks, making unique soups, and unraveling Bach fugues at the piano.

Book Reviews:

MANY BOOKS HAVE BEEN WRITTEN about the art and the science of singing. Most of them follow the medical model, that is, they deal with the actual physiology of making vocal sound. And there is no shortage of written material about the Alexander Technique-the remarkable method of aligning the body for maximum physical efficiency in any endeavor, be it singing, playing tennis, washing dishes or whatever-formulated by the Tasmanian Shakespearean actor F. M. Alexander in the late-19th century. But Jane Ruby Heirich's book, Voice and the Alexander Technique, is, as far as I know, the first to delineate the specific benefits of the Alexander Technique for those who are concerned with the quality and healthfulness of vocal sound in either spoken or sung form. Heirich knows her business; she dispenses her excellent information with the expertise of sequence and timing that only comes from having coached hundreds of subjects in these techniques for many years. She intersperses her factual material with exercises, which she refers to as "to dos," and almost every page has a box in the margin with an anecdote pertaining to the problem at hand or a technique used for its remedy. There are many well-executed and useful illustrations, and the material, even though sophisticated and scientific in nature, is presented in the clear, easy-to-understand English similar to a do-it-yourself self-help manual. Furthermore, there is a glossary of terms, appendices with all manner of other useful information and a CD with recordings of vocal exercises recommended in the book is included. I have only one complaint about this publication: it is hardbound, over-sized and rather expensive. So, many students who should have access to this information, will pass it up for economic reasons. Let's hope for a quicker-to-read, smaller and cheaper reprinting in paperback. Reviewed by Benton Hess, Webster, New York. Reprinted from American Music Teacher, Volume 55, No. 1, August/September 2005, with permission of Music Teachers National Association. --American Music Teacher, Volume 55, No. 1, August/September 2005,

Changed My World:

I have bought so many popular singing programs. Even singing for success and mastering mix. I sang in a college choir and took private lessons, but I always felt like I was wrestling my voice. Now, I don't lose my voice. I transition through my full range with ease. My range expanded and best of all, I'm not faking resonance but using my own, unique resonance. I love it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

About the product:
I was thrown off initially when I was going along with the CD and the exercises were so slow, but it's just what I needed. Slowing down and getting the fundamentals right, singing the range without any tension has allowed me to speed up naturally and sing other styles. If you faithfully practice the exercises and read through the book, this will change your singing world.--Richie Conway

I Would Give it Six Stars if I Could:

Amazing book for a singer or voice teacher. With very effective excersises. I'm a voice teacher and I think this is one of my favorites books from my own voice library.--Rebeca Viales